An Obstetrician Can Help You Protect Your Teen Daughter If She’s Planning To Have Sex

Finding out that your daughter is interested in having sex can be devastating for a parent to hear. Instead of yelling and screaming at your child that she should avoid sex at all costs, you may want to consider educating your daughter about the dangers associated with having sex. You may want to consider seeking outside help to assist with the education that you want to give to your daughter. Use the guide below to learn how an obstetrician can help you educate your daughter about sex.

Explain the Situation to the Doctor Beforehand

It is important to talk to the doctor before you and your daughter go in for the appointment. You need to let the doctor know what the situation is and what you are hoping to accomplish with the appointment. It is important to let the doctor know that you are not trying to scare your daughter to keep her from having sex; you just want to educate her so that she can make an informed decision.

Allow Your Daughter to Ask Questions

It is important to allow your daughter to ask questions and speak openly with the doctor. Many young girls only know what their friends tell them about sex, which is often incorrect information. Your daughter may have questions that she feels she cannot discuss with you and the comfort of talking with an educated professional may help her to feel comfortable enough to open up and ask the questions that she has.

Have an Exam Done that Day

Be sure to have the doctor do a physical exam of your daughter that day to ensure that she is as healthy as she can be. If the doctor has any concerns, then they can be addressed right away. The doctor will also ask if your daughter has already started to have sex. If she has, you and your daughter can talk to the doctor about any forms of birth control that are available to your daughter. While you may not want her to have sex, if she is, ensuring she does not get pregnant is essential to her future.

After the appointment, be sure to be calm and kind to your daughter. You want her to know that she is not in trouble if she has opened up to the doctor about things that upset you. You want her to be able to come to you in the future if anything happens that she needs help with and starting an open dialogue as soon as possible is the best way to do that. You can click here for more information.