Irregular Periods? What May Be Causing This

When you first begin your menstrual cycle, your periods may be irregular at first, but then will become more regular with time and age. If you've had your menstrual cycle for years and you're finding that your periods are becoming irregular, it may be due to several different factors. Irregular periods don't necessarily mean there is something wrong, but you may want to know what's going on with your body. A visit to your gynecologist can help you figure out what is going on and why your periods are becoming irregular. Read More 

Gaining Weight For No Reason? What The Problem Might Be

When you age, your body begins to change, including a change in shape. You'll begin to gain weight, and it will be more and more difficult to lose weight. If you're gaining weight for no reason at all and you are having a lot of difficulties losing the weight, you could have other things going on as well, beyond changes due to age. If you are experiencing this issue and you are concerned, read on for a few things that may be causing this and what you can do about it. Read More 

First Pelvic Exam: FAQs

Are you scheduled for your first pelvic exam? Are you worried? It is completely common to be a bit anxious about an exam that you have never undergone before. You may even feel a little embarrassed. However, it is a simple, three- to five-minute exam that is not painful. Here is some information that will help you relax and be more informed as you head to the gynecologist for your first-ever pelvic exam. Read More 

3 Common Signs Of Early Menopause

From menstrual cramps and mood swings to the painful nature of childbirth, women undergo a good amount of physical and emotional changes over their life. In many instances, these changes are good. Menstruation is essential for conception, and the pain of childbirth is quickly forgotten once the baby is born. Unfortunately, menopause is a change that most women feel offers no real benefit. While most women begin menopause in their 50s or later, 4 in every 100 women start menopause at a younger age. Read More 

Stranger Things: Objects OBGYNs Have Found in Vaginas and Why the Objects Don’t Belong There

People do the strangest things to their genitals, all in the name of pleasure, or the pursuit thereof.  OB/GYN doctors have found many an unusual object stuck in their patient's vaginas, and it should be noted that these items definitely do not belong there. Here is just a sample of these oddities, and reasons to leave these objects out of your vagina. Anything Metal, Including Wire Hangers Women believing that a wire hanger can end an unwanted pregnancy have tried to DIY their own abortions. Read More