How Weight Management Can Help You With Fertility

In many ways, your fertility and your weight management go hand in hand. If your OBGYN mentions weight management to you as part of your pregnancy plan, then it's important that you understand why they may make this statement to you.

You can lose weight, or manage your current weight, to help you be more fertile and get pregnant. If you are underweight,  then managing a healthy weight for your age and height can be beneficial in leading to a positive pregnancy as well. Whether you have had pregnancy issues in the past or you're concerned about your weight and getting pregnant, here are some ways that weight management can be helpful in your fertility journey.

Manage your hormone levels

When you are overweight, your body may be unable to release an egg during your fertile cycle, which can make it harder to get pregnant. If you are underweight, your hormones are affected as well and pregnancy can be harder to achieve. Ask your OBGYN about effective weight management treatment you can consider whether you are obese or have difficulties gaining weight.

Be active and healthy

A healthy body is one that is active and eating the right foods. Weight management is about making sure the calories you consume are healthy and provide energy, and are not just laden with empty calories containing sugar or carbs. An active and healthy lifestyle is healthy for you if you are trying to get pregnant as it can allow you to have a better chance of getting pregnant in your fertile window.

A weight management treatment program helps in this way by showing you tips and tools you can use to make getting pregnant easier. If you need a nutrition plan, for example, as part of your pregnancy and weight management plan, your OBGYN can help you come up with a dietary plan that can work for you. If exercise is your goal in weight management, your OBGYN will help you learn proper exercises that are healthy for you in your fertility journey and beyond.

Your goal is to have a healthy body and be at a weight that is easier for you to manage, not just to aid in your fertility. However, if you can keep your body and weight in a healthy balance, you can make your fertility goals easier to achieve and maintain a healthier body even after you get pregnant and have your baby.