Why You Should Go To The OBGYN Even After Having Children

Some people believe that if they have already had children, they no longer need to go to the gynecologist, but there is still a need to go to the gynecologist for a checkup and for treatment as required. There are also other health concerns that should be monitored and other feminine health concerns that you should pay attention to and can consult your gynecologist about as well. If you haven't been to the gynecologist for some time, there are several reasons why you need to go. Read on for some of those reasons.

1. For Breast Examinations

You need to have a mammogram yearly after you are in middle age and especially if you have a history of breast cancer in your family. If you have a family history of breast cancer, you need to have a mammogram for screening and to monitor any health concerns in your breasts. If you have abnormal tissue, or you have any growths, you need to have this monitored, and this can be done at your yearly gynecology exams.

2. To Monitor Your Feminine Health

You need to go to the gynecologist yearly for examinations for a pap smear and for other health concerns. Your yearly exams can monitor other feminine health you may be experiencing, such as yeast infections, bacterial infections, your weight, or even your body going into menopause. If you have any signs of menopause, going to the gynecologist can help to monitor these conditions, and can also offer information that can help you through this period of your life. Your gynecologist can also prescribe medications that can help you through this time in your life as well.

3. To Assist In Your Mental Well-Being

Going to the gynecologist can also help offer you tips to help you with your mental well-being as well. Throughout your lifetime, your hormones will change, and as you age, your hormones will cause different mental issues or concerns. To help navigate through this, going to the gynecologist can help you through this time in your life. Medications may be prescribed to help assist you as well, and your gynecologist can help you through this.

Just because you have had children, it doesn't mean that you are done going to the gynecologist for yearly checkups. You should still be going for these checkups. Make an appointment if you haven't gone in a while and get the health screenings you need, in addition to any treatment that may be necessary. For more information, contact an OBGYN doctor near you.