Why Do You Pee So Much While Pregnant?

Needing to pee is a common pregnancy woe. Whether you're in the first, second, or last trimester, you will likely find yourself needing the bathroom a lot more often than you did before. Why is that the case? Here are the common reasons you will pee so much while pregnant.

More Blood Flowing In Your Body

You'll usually find that the constant need to pee happens early on. This is due to all the hormonal changes that take place when you first fall pregnant. The changes lead to more blood flowing in the body, which means your kidneys are more active. Your bladder fills up quicker, so you need to empty it more frequently than you used to need to.

In fact, the amount of blood in your body can increase by 50%. Not only will this mean your kidneys work more, but it also means that there is more pressure on your bladder from the extra weight from the blood.

Your Kidneys Become More Efficient

Remember that the blood is making your kidneys work more? They become more efficient during pregnancy. Peeing more means that your body is releasing more toxins from your body. It helps you create a safe space for your unborn baby to grow. A buildup of toxins during pregnancy can lead to more infections, which could be harmful to the development.

To help reduce the amount of trips to the bathroom, you can try to get your bladder as empty as possible each time. Lean forward when urinating to help with the process.

Pressure on Your Bladder

Your uterus will grow from the very beginning. In your first trimester, the uterus will sit low down in your pelvis, which means there is more pressure on the bladder than there would be during the second and third trimesters. You will usually feel some relief from the pressure during the second trimester.

By the third trimester, your baby has grown much more and is now taking up more space inside. This puts the extra pressure back on your bladder. This is even worse when the uterus drops to get your baby into your pelvis area, getting it ready for birth.

Peeing is a normal part of pregnancy, but that doesn't mean you just need to put up with it. You can reduce the amount you pee by leaning forward to get your bladder as empty as possible. Just know that when you give birth, you will usually get rid of all the excess blood and there will be no more hormonal changes to cause your kidneys to work overtime.

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