Stranger Things: Objects OBGYNs Have Found in Vaginas and Why the Objects Don’t Belong There

People do the strangest things to their genitals, all in the name of pleasure, or the pursuit thereof.  OB/GYN doctors have found many an unusual object stuck in their patient's vaginas, and it should be noted that these items definitely do not belong there. Here is just a sample of these oddities, and reasons to leave these objects out of your vagina.

Anything Metal, Including Wire Hangers

Women believing that a wire hanger can end an unwanted pregnancy have tried to DIY their own abortions. Because the cervix is closed so tightly during most of the pregnancy, it is practically impossible to provoke an abortion without causing yourself some serious physical trauma. Some women who try this get the hangers stuck and then find that they are in need of emergency attention.

When the OB/GYN arrives on scene to remove the hanger, a full vaginal exam is necessary to make sure there are no serious tears or rips in the vaginal walls and the cervix. Rips and tears can cause excessive bleeding and irreparable damage to your lady parts. 


Sticks taken from nature, from the limbs of trees, etc. have also been found inside vaginas. While it is true that wooden dildos have been used for centuries for sexual pleasure, you should still refrain from using dirty, bark-covered sticks. They can puncture your vagina and leave behind pieces of wood and dirt that can cause serious and unpleasant infections.

Mice, Hamsters, and Gerbils

There are some unusual sexual fetishes out there that include the insertion of small rodents into body cavities, but live animals have no business in your vagina or anus. It is considered animal abuse and is punishable by law in some states. It can also lead to the contraction of diseases carried by these animals, not to mention the fact that you may not be able to retrieve the critters you insert if they really get up there.

Keeping Your Vagina Safe and Healthy

Long story short, if it is not a healthy penis or factory-produced dildo or vibrator, do not insert. Even with these items, they should all be clean and disease free or protected with a condom before you have sex with them. If you think you are going to be "in the mood" while away from home, there are some discreet devices that can help. Talk to your OB/GYN about this and more.